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How Top Execs Learn From The Next Generation Of Leaders

By June 29, 2016No Comments

“This new generation has refreshed and instilled in me as a mentor the enthusiasm and passion to succeed.” That is according to Bill French, senior managing director of Cushman & Wakefield, who recently chatted with about mentoring tomorrow’s leaders, succession planning and about what insights and tips they are passing on.

“The need to incorporate new technology and new techniques to market property and find new customers is exciting,” he adds. “Whether it be CRE, banking or any other industry, we owe it to the next generation to create an even better environment and forum to advance the industry.”

Good ideas come from those who actually are doing the work rather than setting the process from a supervisor perspective, adds Larry Sullivan, president of Passco Cos. LLC. He tells that “As much as managers want to manage and direct, they need to listen and share ideas. Nothing makes an employee feel better—besides the traditional rewards of promotion and/or money—than trust and empowerment.”

C&W’s Jacqueline Haynes, SVP, says that “The next generation are in tune with trends, technology and new concepts, many of which I only know about by living vicariously through them,” Haynes says. “It’s a welcome exchange to share tips and experiences that challenge them to think critically and strategically, and to work backwards from their desired goal in order to achieve desired results. I enjoy watching a young commercial real estate professional grow into their position as it reminds me to stay open-minded, nimble and humble.”

And according to Heidi Hendy, managing principal of H. Hendy & Associates, when working with developing leaders, she learns how to teach and be patient as she passes the baton and watches them move forward. “It is inspiring to sit back and let them take it to the next level,” she says. “I have learned to share the knowledge I have and see how see these individuals get excited and make it their own.”

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