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Multifamily Leadership Announces National Ranking of Top 25 National Best Places to Work Multifamily for Women

By April 6, 2020No Comments

Multifamily Leadership announced the national ranking of the top 25 National Best Places to Work Multifamily® for Women via live broadcast from the Multifamily Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona. With more than 500 people in attendance, this event provided the opportunity to celebrate, laugh, network, and build unity during this challenging period in history. Attendees were treated to some comedy to open the show followed by a live musical performance and in-studio interview with the emcee and musical guest. This is an exciting new list based on data gathered from the research conducted through the national Best Places to Work Multifamily® program. 

The only way to earn a rank on this prestigious list is to have participated and ranked as one of the Official National Best Places to Work Multifamily® that was revealed on November 21, 2019, at the Multifamily Leadership Innovation Summit. Of those 58 best-in-class organizations, 25 have earned a spot on this new list by having created cultures in which the women who were surveyed provided positive responses about where they worked. 

Ranking companies need a minimum of 15 females working in the organization or 25%, whichever is greater. The female response rate must be 40% or greater unless the total female count is less than 25 at which point the response rate must be 80% or greater. The ranked order is determined by the female percent of positive response, largest to smallest.

This type of program is the voice of the employees in the apartment industry reaching beyond membership and trade organizations. It is not based on judges from suppliers or company volunteers and cannot be influenced by sponsorship or fundraising campaigns. 

The ranking of the Top 25 National Best Places to Work Multifamily® for Women was revealed live from the Multifamily Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona. Over 500 CEOs, top executives, and their teams, representing 44 states, joined live to hear the results and celebrate the accomplishment of all 25 ranking companies, with more and more continuing to watch the replay on Through the engagement tools on the live show, attendees were able to participate in the show and there was an overwhelming feeling of excitement, anticipation, and community. The ranking companies were honored with videos showcasing their teams and also video remarks from their CEOs and top executives. 

The national research and benchmarking program demonstrates the industry’s focus on people while illustrating its overall potential— as it annually contributes more than 3.4 trillion dollars to the U.S. economy and supports more than 17.5 million jobs. 

The 2020 Best Places to Work Multifamily® for Women:

1. Keener Management

2. Pathlight HOME

3. Passco Companies

4. The Franklin Johnston Group

5. Respage

6. Baron Properties

7. Olympus Property

8. Alco Management, Inc.

9. JVM Realty

10. Centra Partners, LLC

11. IMT Residential

12. CWS Apartment Homes

13. MC Residential

14. Portico Property Management

15. Presidium Property Management

16. Weller Management, LLC

17. Carter Haston Real Estate Services

18. Apartment SEO

19. American Communities

20. Continental Properties

21. TI Communities

22. Fogelman

23. Stonemark Management

24. RMK Management

25. Northland Investment Corporation

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