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Larry Sullivan Named President of Passco Companies

By April 29, 2013No Comments

William O. Passo, founder and CEO of Passco Companies, LLC, has announced the appointment of Larry K. Sullivan as president of the company following the resignation of former president William H. Winn, effective May 30, 2013.

With more than 30 years of experience directing real estate and syndication activities for institutional and private investors, Mr. Sullivan has served as Chief Financial Officer and COO of Passco Companies, LLC for nearly 10 years. Mr. Sullivan is ideally placed to attract new institutional and private capital, while expanding the company’s portfolio of 10,000 multifamily units and approximately five million square feet of commercial properties nationwide.

“I will be continuing in my role as CEO in shaping and defining the overall direction of the company. We look forward to making 2013 Passco’s most successful year yet, in our core business of finding, buying and operating quality real estate assets,” said Mr. Passo. “Our track record of expertise and the economic recovery are favorable drivers of our ambitious plans to acquire further properties and serve more investors with increasing returns.”

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