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Celebrating Three Years of Empowerment: Annual Women’s VIP Brunch at NMHC

By February 5, 2024No Comments

In the traditionally male-dominated realm of commercial real estate, Stacy Stemen, the Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Development at Passco Companies, is recognized for her visionary initiative. Three years ago, she spearheaded the creation of the Women’s VIP Brunch, an event designed to unite and empower women professionals within the industry. Now in its third successful year, this brunch has become a cornerstone at the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) annual conference.

Stacy Stemen’s foresight was fueled by a desire to foster a sense of community among women working in an industry where they often find themselves navigating a sea of male counterparts. Recognizing the need for a dedicated space where women could connect, network, and support each other, she proposed the idea of an exclusive brunch during the NMHC annual conference.

This year’s Women’s VIP Brunch, held at the San Diego Wine & Culinary Center, was a resounding success! Attendees were welcomed with an intimate and conducive environment for networking and collaboration, breaking away from the usual conference setting and allowing for meaningful connections to flourish.

Adding a touch of glamour and philanthropy to the event, the Women’s VIP Brunch partnered with renowned jewelry brand Kendra Scott. Kendra Scott generously donated gifts to all attendees, providing a token of appreciation for their presence. Additionally, Kendra Scott set up a jewelry display at the event, with all sales proceeds dedicated to CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) Network’s local Orange County chapter. This partnership contributed to supporting CREW’s mission of empowering women in the CRE industry.

The Women’s VIP Brunch at the NMHC annual conference stands as a testament to the power of vision and the impact that can be achieved when women come together to support one another. As the brunch celebrates its third year, it is clear that this annual tradition is here to stay, providing inspiration and empowerment for years to come.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the event’s esteemed sponsors: Apartment Snapshot, Asset Essentials, ePremium, Flex, iApartments, Passco Companies, Pay Ready, ResidentIQ, ResMan, and Valet Living. Your generous support is truly appreciated.