Our Team

The Passco Companies executive management team is comprised of highly skilled real estate specialists, with deep expertise in each sector of the commercial real estate industry.

Our Principals

William O. Passo
CEO and Founder

Larry Sullivan

Thomas Jahncke
President, Passco Capital, Inc.

Belden Brown
Executive Vice President & National Sales Manager

Senior Management

Alan Clifton
Chief Investment Officer

Suzy Cottle
Chief Financial Officer

John W. Fitzgibbon
Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Carey P. Levy
President, Passco Companies Development

Adriana Olsen
Senior Vice President, Sales

Andy Wang
Senior Vice President, Sales

Ogal Claspell
Senior Vice President, Multifamily Investments

Stacy Stemen
Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing Development

Gary Goodman
Senior Vice President, Acquisitions

Shelli Cusack
Vice President, Investment Performance

Victoria White
Vice President, Entity Compliance & Business Licensing

Colin Gillis
Vice President, Acquisitions

Nicole Fullerton
Vice President, Investor Services